Why Us

Why would you drive for MercTrucking?


We offer an incredibly aggressive pay plan for top notch, experienced drivers. To those that qualify, you can make between $80,000 – $100,000+ per year driving for us. Our drivers enjoy a base pay of $1,500 per week PLUS 3 additional bonus opportunities. Stay with us for 3 years and we’ll give you a check for $18,000- just our way of saying “thank-you” for the loyalty and hard work. We believe that our drivers should make more, the harder they work and the better job they do. That’s how our pay plans are geared. 


We understand that a lot of other companies treat their drivers like “just another number.” Most drivers out there have horrible support, a jerk for a manager, and dispatchers that let them sit for days at a time. Think of us as being the EXACT opposite, literally. We have incredible support, managers that actually care (and are useful), and dispatchers that truly keep you moving. In our mind, we’re in a business partnership with each of our drivers. For our partnership and our company to succeed, our drivers need to succeed. This means they need a team behind them. A real team. One that’s useful. One that always treats them with respect and professionalism. One that’s able to solve problems, quickly. One that already has another load waiting to be picked up, as soon as they unload. You know, the kind of team that will actually help the driver make more money and deal with less problems.

New Equipment

All of our trucks are brand new, literally. There isn’t anything older than a 2020 in our fleet. Enough said.

“No Touch” loads

Our drivers primarily haul no-touch freight in Reefer and Dry Van trailers.

No Corporate Crap

We can’t stand the useless red tape and corporate stupidity that a lot of other trucking companies force their drivers to deal with. We don’t get it.  So, instead, we prefer to keep it simple. We expect our drivers to work hard, be reliable, work well with their team, do a great job, and take great care of our customers. In return, they get a great company to work for, they make great money, and they have a lot of fun along the way doing it.

The bottom line is that we have a great platform...  It’s as simple as that!

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