BADASSES of The Week: Top Revenue Earners 8/30/21 to 9/5/21

Solo Drivers
Francisco Camacho: $12,000
Henry Amalvert: 11,005
Gabe Fuentes: $10,000
Jeff Serpas: $9,500
Ryan Christy: $9,110
Barry Johnson: $9,050
Mike Allmon: $8,700
Jasmine Tate: $8,526

Team Drivers
Mike & April Burgett: $17,000

We had another week full of some HUGE #’s! Special shout out to Francisco, Henry, and Gabe for hitting over $10,000 this week. Another shout out to Mike & April for hitting $17,000 as a team this week. Great, GREAT job, everyone-

Keep up the hard work!

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